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We offer two Travel Programs


†Hotel - Cruises - Rental Car††† †††††††††† †††††††††† or† ††††† †††††††††† Time Share - 10 Weeks a Year


The Deluxe Package -† Get both listed above at a tremendous Savings


Why buy a Time Share when you can have your own Travel Program that offers you a Worldwide Choice. Stay up to 10 weeks a year anywhere in the world. Stay one week or mix it up and stay up to 10 different time share resorts a year. Your travel program will give you the flexibly to go where you want and not be limited to an equivalent value time share resort.


A world of vacation opportunities.†

Your timeshare travel program allows you to choose your destination. A worldwide choice. Enjoy the freedom to go when you want, stay where you want, and up to 10 weeks a year!


Remember, any family member you list can use this travel program, plus you get the reward credits!


Allow us to give you a virtual tour of this travel program!†††† Itís free!